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myDVDs 3.0.6 Released!

28 November 2006

In following with the previous release, additional XHTML 1.0 compliant changes were implemented. The application is nearly XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant (it may very well be already!), but I still have a few more rounds of tests to make in that regard.

This release sees a lot more bugfix and steps taken to clean up the code. It sports a new simplified installer and an easier upgrade script.


Some additional effort has been made toward the support of special characters (specifically the apostrophe (‘)) in collection names, but it remains incomplete. Hence, do NOT use special characters in collection names.

All changes have been comitted to the SVN repository and solidified in the “myDVDs-3.0.6″ branch. The “trunk” of the SVN tree will remain as the development branch.

On a whim (primarily since I was re-working the install script), I created a wordpress-stype theme which is based off of the wordpress installation app. I will be tinkering more and more with the themes in future release in order to make them more useful.Full details of all of the changes can be found in the CHANGELOG file.

As usual, it can be downloaded in multiple formats:

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