About: MID

About MID: What Is It?

MID development has slowed signifigantly since it has become rather stable. Most development is now done on a “hey, that would be a good thing to do” basis. I developed it to suit my own needs, and, although that sounds kind of greedy, the age-old phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” rings rather true.

The main bonus with this type of script is that the HTML code it generates is pretty straight forward, with simple tables and, in a few spots, some graphics. This, in my mind, keeps the interface clean, easy to read on just about any browser, and makes the codebase a heck of a lot smaller. :)

Why Do It In PERL?� Why Not PHP?
There are really two answers to this question. The first answer is rather stupid, but I will say it anyway. I started writing this script waay before PHP was mainstream, and MySQL was nice, but still kind of frightening (looking at mfind, the basis for this script, we’re talking about 9 years ago!). So, in essence, I am saying that it is written in PERL because, well, I wrote it that way!

But, I said I had two answers… The second, and more realistic, answer is that I chose PERL because it is more portable. Sure, sure, I would probably get a lot of flak for saying that by the PHP zealots (I am one, believe me), but, honestly, it is. PHP is great for generating web pages and interacting with MySQL, but it is a little clunky with file manipulation and such. Besides, although PHP is becoming more mainstream, it is not everywhere. That’s the big thing.. when I first wrote it, I did not have control over the web server (at the time.. that did change. *Muhahaha*) it was to run on.� Perl was the only option, and, for many, this is the case.

Future for MID

There is a bright future for MID as it provides a web interface to some of the more daunting Systems Administration tasks. While development has slowed considerably, I keep trying to extend the usage of the application and improve upon the code base. I take suggestions, as well as patches. I am in no way fantastic at SQL, but I do know my way around. ;)

MID is now in what I think of as the “tweak” phase. Which means that most of the changes that will be made will be mainly geared towards bug fixes, clean up of the code, minor feature enhancements, etc. I do not have any major changes planned aside from what is listed in the TODO file, which consists mostly of report generation, to which I am admittedly a bit weak on the GD graphics part..

If you wish to submit patches, hacks, add-ons, or if you just want to drop me a line to tell me how you are using MID in your environment, check out the support forum.