About: myDVDs

About myDVDs: What Is It?

The initial goal of the display was to keep the structure and display as quick and clean as possible. The next step at this point in time is to attempt to jazz up the interface a little more, but not so much so as to make it cumbersome to use.

As always, code contributions are always welcome!

To use the demo, the admin account is “root” with the password of “demo“. The user account is “demo” with the password “demo“. If the account logins do not work, then it is likely that someone inadvertently changed the password. Just click the link to Reset DEMO Passwords on the left.

The purpose of this application is solely to satisfy my needs. There are a number of DVD inventory type of appications out there, but nothing solid, and nothing that did what I wanted it to. I wanted a solely PHP+MySQL+WebServer implementation with the ability to use that silly :CueCat: that I have from RadioShack.I mean, really, I did not want to type all of this stuff in. My time is valuable to me, and sitting in front of the computer, keying in all of the information about the DVD’s I own would have killed me.

The need for an inventory of DVD’s is important for many reasons. Insurance, for one, is a good reason, but, more importantly, is the basic fact that sometimes, you get enough of any one thing (DVDs, in this case) to the point where keeping any sane track of it is nearly impossible.

Please See the INSTALL File.

Please See the UPGRADE File.

Please See the CREDITS File.

There will be bugs. This is a guarantee since no software application is free of them, and I am definitely not perfect. :) I have tried my best to make it as user friendly and bug-free as possible, but I am sure there are some.
Please feel free to email me, and I can get changes in right away.

Check out the support forum for help. I check it frequently, as do a fair number of others.

This application is licensed under the GPL. Please see the included GPL file.

If you wish to submit patches, hacks, add-ons, or if you just want to drop me a line to tell me how you are using myDVDs in your environment, contact me through the support forum.