About: phpEventCalendar


phpEventCalendar came about mainly because there was a need for a PHP-based calendar system that was, in a word, simple.

It allows for multiple views (month by month, or full year), and quick jumps to months or years.� As events are added, they show up in the day as links to generated pages.

These generated pages are extremely basic, but the intention was to allow for the generation of a basic page for a series of images.� These images are displayed in a standard table format.

User access is determined by cookie authentication to a MySQL database.

If you look at the code, please keep in mind that it is NASTY.� It is a combination of two different pieces of code (mine, and a colleague’s) and it is very flat (no functions).� Basically, not the way I would do it if I had to do it over again.� Very little has changed because, well, there hasn’t been the need.

Well, honestly, there aren’t many out there.� At least, not many that are extensible or flexible.� This one isn’t all THAT flexible, but the basic core functions are, and that is what is important.� The rest of the code is really fluff and page generation code AROUND the core code for the calendar.

Besides, I needed something I could work with for a particular custom install, and I am not one who really likes things hugely customized; I like to re-use code when possible.

The Backend – MySQL
The backend is a single simple table in MySQL to handle the administrative log in authorization. Everything else, all of the content within the pages, is stored statically within the calendar site.� This was done to minimalize installation time, and, to be honest, it was meant to keep it simple.

What might happen, if the need arises, is to futher integrate things into the database.

The Frontend – PHP
The front-end is a series of PHP pages which handle the display and generation of the daily pages as well as the calendar itself.� While this might be better suited for perl, when I tackled this, I was on a PHP rampage, and, to be honest, the fact that it works makes me happy. :)